Neonicotinoids chemicals on plants sold as pollinator friendly

Researchers, lead by Prof D Goulson, have found that seventy per cent of “Pollinator Friendly” labeled plants sold in UK garden centres and plant nurseries actually contain neonicotinoids. Neonics are chemicals that have been found to be harmful to bees and have been linked to their decline.

Check out the full Irish Times article here.

If you are buying any plants, ask your garden centre if they have grown them themselves or if they have been brought in. Ask them to tell you what chemicals have been used. If they can’t tell you then think about not buying the plants.

Consider growing plants from seed – but be careful as seeds can be treated with neonics too. So buy organic where you can. Swap plants with friends or only buy organically produced plants.

The DIY store B&Q have recently said that it will ban growers from treating any flowering plants with neonicotinoids, from February 2018. Isn’t it time all those selling plants followed suit?

Red tailed bumble


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