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Native Pollinators on Culture Night

Catch up with native pollinator resources and images at: Galway Permaculture Trail Launch  – Friday 22nd from 6.00pm and in the afternoon at: Headford Orchard Jazz Picnic  3.30 – 5.30pm organised by the Headford Environment Grouo       Advertisements

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More Neonicotinoid Research

New research published in Science looked at the effects of neonicotinoid-treated crops on three bee species (honey bees, Bombus terrestris and Osmia bicornis) in Hungary, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The research shows further links to neonicotinoid pesticides and reduced reproduction … Continue reading

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Neonicotinoids chemicals on plants sold as pollinator friendly

Researchers, lead by Prof D Goulson, have found that seventy per cent of “Pollinator Friendly” labeled plants sold in UK garden centres and plant nurseries actually contain neonicotinoids. Neonics are chemicals that have been found to be harmful to bees … Continue reading

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Upcoming Pollinator Gardening Course

Creating a Four-Season Pollinator Garden The workshop will investigate the foraging behaviour of different native pollinator groups, honey, bumble, and solitary bees, hoverflies, and butterflies. We will also discuss appropriate garden design: siting and shelter; choice layout and flowering sequence … Continue reading

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Important plants for our wild bees

Originally posted on Murtagh's Meadow:
At this time of year as queen bees are beginning to emerge from hibernation it is really important that there is food for them. Yesterday, I received this fascinating table in my inbox. The…

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