Blooming Bees Resource

Another new resource to check out – a video animation on the importance of bees to Ireland. It has been launched by the National Biodiversity Data Centre and funded by Kildare County Council and Wicklow County Council through the Creative Ireland programme.


While it is still cold, it is the time of year that hibernating queen bumblebees start to appear. So keep a look out and happy searching!

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Ireland’s Pollinator Plan

An excellent new video on how we can help pollinators can be found at


The short film is made by Filmmaker Peter Cutler from and funded through CreativeIrl by the Heritage Office of Waterford Council.


Bombus Lucorum

Bombus Lucorum

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Insect Hotels: A Refuge or a Fad?

This great article from Jo-Lynn Teh-Weisenburger ( tells us how best to use insect hotels – a case of small is good, but design is also important. Do read!

The Entomologist Lounge

If you are a gardener by hobby and a nature enthusiast by heart, chances are that you are already familiar with the concept of insect hotels (also known as bee hotels). Offering a sanctuary to beneficial insects, especially pollinators, insect hotels are considered to be the urban solution to declining population of beneficial insects in human environments due to habitat loss, pollution and abuse of pesticides. Insects provide many benefits to the ecosystem through pollination, nutrient cycle, and also as food source for birds.

Countless gardening stores and home furnishing stores sell insect hotels. Numerous blogs and websites have step-by-step manuals on how to build one yourself. All units are aesthetically pleasing which motivates well-intentioned buyers into adopting the concept. However, these insect hotels are often badly designed and they offer unsuitable home to the target insects. The warning sign of such designs is the unnecessary use of pine cones…

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Native Irish Honeybees

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on Murtagh's Meadow:
It had been thought that the native Irish honeybee Apis mellifera mellifera was extinct. However, research from Jack Hassett at the Limerick Institute of Technology has found that this may not be the case…

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Native Pollinators on Culture Night

Catch up with native pollinator resources and images at:

Galway Permaculture Trail Launch  – Friday 22nd from 6.00pm

and in the afternoon at:

Headford Orchard Jazz Picnic  3.30 – 5.30pm

organised by the Headford Environment Grouo




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