ID & Recording

The key resource for Irish Wild Pollinators is the National Biodiversity Centre, which has downloadable guides for identifying the most common bumblebees, and also for some of the easier solitary bees and hoverflies.

The Biodiversity Centre has also developed new, easy to use, online forms for reporting your sightings.

The Centre is responsible for the Irish Pollinators Initiative   –  a new Citizens’ Science project for collecting data from observers across Ireland. Its Bumblebee Monitoring Scheme, which anyone can join, is supported by a mobile phone app.

An interactive bumblebee identification guide can be found on the site of the London Natural History Museum

BWARS is a comprehensive site devoted to identifying and logging bees, wasps and related insects for the UK and Ireland. They have recently published a detailed guide to the Bees of Britain, available as a series of free downloads from the site.

Hoverflies  – or Syrphidae  – have their own ID project, Syrph the Net