Wild Pollinator Gardens Workshop Saturday May 9th

The full day workshop on pollinator friendly gardening is running at Mount Falcon Hotel near Ballina.
Saturday, May 9th 2015

The Bee-Friendly Garden –

Providing for our Native Wild Bees – and other pollinators

with Karina Dingerkus, ecologist,

& Celia Graebner, organic gardener

Learn about the living and feeding habits of our wild bees bumbles, solitaries and the less known hoverflies, why they are under threat, and how to protect them with suitable habitat, shelter, accommodation and food.

The afternoon session will start you off on designing your own garden, woodland or hedgerow as a haven for native pollinators, introducing you to flowers and shrubs that can provide year-round foraging for native pollinators.

Weather permitting, a pollinator observation walk around the Mount Falcon bee garden and grounds will be included.
(If pollinators are not flying we will use National Biodversity Centre resources to learn to identify them.)
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The worshop is one of a series of gardening courses organised by Mount Falcon’s Head Gardener, Alex Lavarde. Details here…