Willing Workers and Quick Learners

The first whitetailed workers (lucorum agg) began showing up last week – all very small, but that reflects the constraints of a cold Spring, either low nest temperatures or scant food,

robbing l_agg crop

One of the first white/-tailed workers nectar-robbing

Meadow Bee workers (B.pratorum)  were out ten days earlier. While queen bees are hanging inside columbine flowers to collect the whitish pollen, the tiny Meadow workers confidently  perch on the flower spurs and drill through them for the nectar hidden inside.

I was amused to see one of the newly emerged white-tails following suit; still more when the first  red-tailed worker around  tried out a spur briefly, but couldn’t quite see the point –  or the piercing – and quickly moved on to open faced hardy geraniums.


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