Many small steps to the future… The Junior All – Ireland pollinator plan for children


Launched last week, full of graphics, jokes and curious facts, the Junior AIPP does a great job of making  its complex subject  accessible to younger schoolchildren. Drones become “the boys” workers “the girls” and the Queen is “Mum”. It is also one of the few documents on pollinators that confronts the common fear of flying insects – through images as well as advice – as also children’s fear of vegetables!

At the same time the plan sets out very clearly the broader picture: the role of pollinators in relation to human food supply, and to the ecosystem, and their vulnerability to habitat loss.


The overall message is strongly positive, and followed up with wide-ranging and detailed action lists for school and home.

In its current version the JAIPP is essentially an online document. While any of the lively two-page spreads would look great on a wall display, a printer friendly version without the colour backgrounds would be handy for passing around in low-tech environments.

And super-B on page  8 is the only graphic that falls into the usual trap of leaving pollinators short of legs. The bees on the flight graphics have their front paws appropriately tucked up and hopefully teachers will be aware and able to explain that!


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