Reversing the Great Step Back

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan has already met with a huge public response, but five years is not a long time to reverse half a century of decline.

From early in the next pollinator season, the Irish Pollinator Initiative will have resources and information in place at  to help achieve all the targets of the plan.

In the meantime, what can supporters be doing to start on the task of protecting pollinator populations?

Issue number one on the plan’s list is HOMELESSNESS.
So as you come to clear and tidy your ground this Autumn, look around and identify some spots that might be useful as hibernating space over winter or nesting space for next year’s pollinators – rockeries or stone walls, south-facing banks, hedgerow bottoms, etc, and leave them undisturbed, as far as possible.

Even if you don’t have ground of your own to transoform, you could begin spreading the word, talking to people locally and sharing examples of pollinator friendly spaces or activities that you are aware of. Or prepare to join the many citizen scientists observing and reporting on pollinators by studying the information and ID images the INational Biodiversity Data Centre already has on-line.

This blog plans to take part in the conversation about helping Irish pollinators, and we welcome postings from people with ideas, suggestions or success stories over the coming months.

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