A Great Step Forward for our Native Pollinators…

A “pollinator-friendly island” may sound a warm and fuzzy aspiration, rather like the bees and butterflies it aims to protect.

But in reality the All Ireland Pollinator Plan – full digital version and b/w print version at biodiversityireland .ie – is a research-based blueprint for action against pollinator decline, putting in place clear targets, actions, and measures for assessing progress. In many areas it alto identifies organisations taking responsibility for specific strands of action.

AIPP cover image

At the heart of all the complexity and detail though lies a very simple message:

To protect pollinators and guarantee the continuation of their essential work, we need to establish a coherent island-wide network of hospitable environments – “flower-rich habitats”.

And as the Plan repeatedly emphases, this can only come about through shared action. A pollinator-friendly island requires an island of pollinator-friendly people.

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