Introduction to Irish Wild Pollinators and the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan October 8th 2-5pm

Small rortoiseshell on perennial wall flower

Small tortoiseshell on perennial wallflower, late summer

What bees, butterflies and hoverflies have you seen around your garden and local fields this Summer?

Learn about the some of the commoner species we have in Ireland; their pollination work, life cycles and habitat needs, and the current problems of declining pollinator populations that we face in Ireland.

This short course has been timed to coincide with the launch of the all Ireland plan to protect wild pollinators, and will provide participants with information on the plan, and how individuals and organisations can help to support it.

Weather permitting, we will check out pollinators and favoured forage plants in the walled garden.

Half Day Workshop Thursday 8th October 2015 2 pm — 5 pm
Enniscoe Organic Garden, Crossmolina,Co.Mayo

Tutor: Celia Graebner

12 places available..Booking Required

20 euro per person

Contact : Mayo North Heritage Centre 09631809

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