All Ireland Pollinator Plan

Today is an important day for Ireland as the country’s all Ireland pollinator plan is launched! It was good to hear the plan being talked about on the national news. The Plan identifies 81 actions to make Ireland more pollinator friendly.


Included in the plan are five things anyone can do to help poillintors:

(1) make sure you have at least one flowering food source from spring right though to winter

(2) leave small areas of your lawn uncut to allow clovers to flower

(3) don’t view dandelions as a weed but as a vital spring food source for hungry bees

(4) avoid using pesticides

(5) try to avoid disturbing nesting or hibernating bees in area like long grass, bare soil, dead wood or walls


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As an ecologist I have always had an interest in nature. I love gardening and would spend all day outdoors if I could. I also enjoy taking photographs and writing. I live in the west of Ireland with my young family.
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