A review of “A Sting in the tale”

Dave Goulson’s book “A sting in the tale’ is one of the most enjoyable natural history books I have read in a long time. Even if you have only a passing interest in bumblebees I feel you will get something from this book. Goulson’s style is informative without being heavy. His stories, particularly those from his first childhood scraps with nature had me laughing out loud. Throughout his book his passion for bumblebees leaps from the pages.

The book is an excellent introduction to bumblebees and even for those of us who think we know a thing or two about these fascinating creatures this book is full of new information and facts. Goulson discusses his research and that of his research groups over the last number of years. And gives great insights into what needs to be done to conserve bumblebees into the future.

Goulson will inspire anyone who reads his book to find out more and hopefully to create a little bee friendly patch in their own gardens.




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