Bees, brassicas and comfrey

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Those of you that are regular readers will know I have a soft spot for bees and pollinators in general. Today, with a bit of sunshine, and the bees seemed to be out in force. Over the last week I have seen the first of the workers bumblebees though the queens have been around since mid March. At this time of year there is not a lot flowering in my garden (something I am trying to address), so I always leave some brassicas to flower. The bees don’t appear to have any preference. There is purple sprouting broccoli, brussel sprouts and three types of kale all flowering at the moment.

Bumblebee and brassica Bumblebee and brassica

Today I counted four different bumblebee species feeding on the flowers, and both queens and workers. Usually the workers are considerably smaller.

White tailed bumblebee, Bombus Lucorum White tailed bumblebee, Bombus Lucorum

Common Carder Bee, Bombus pascurum Common Carder Bee, Bombus pascurum

There were also four…

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