21 Days of a Bee’s Life

Here is a great post from Miss Ellie-Dee (Lifechimes) (http://misselliedee.com) with a link to Anand Varma’s fascinating film on bees and some great photos from her own garden and her solitary bees

Miss Ellie-Dee

The first 21 days of a bee’s life can be marred by the invasion of a parasitic mite. In this fascinating TED Talk video, Anand Varma gets up close to film bees in his back garden for a project to appear in the May 2015 issue of National Geographic Magazine, highlighting one of a number of reasons for the decline in the bee population.

Having become interested in the plight of our natural bees a few years ago and creating a bee farm in my back garden to attract pollinating bees of the solitary variety, Anand’s thrilling photography and informative talk fascinated me. Each year I add to the available ‘nesting’ houses and cylinders full of nesting tubes and eagerly await sunny spring days to warm my south-east facing farm nestling against a wall in my garden. Coincidentally, before discovering ’21 days of a bee’s life’, just today I ordered yet…

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