First bees

There are quite a few queen bees around now, mostly White and Buff tailed Queens. This was the first one of the year though – blogged on my other site on the 19th March.

Murtagh's Meadow

I was so excited today to see my first bee of the year. It was a Bombus lucorum queen, otherwise know as the White-tailed bumblebee. It was feeding on a hellebore I have sitting in a pot on the picnic table on the patio. With the weather warming up, and some nice sunshine, I’d been on the look out for the last few days. But until today I had only seen more of the droneflies I mentioned in a previous post  (

Bombus lucorum Bombus lucorum

Last year, the first bee was spotted on the 15th March, so just a few days earlier. It was a Buff-tailed (Bombus terresreis) queen, a very similar species ( In fact, it is so similar that it is not possible to tell the workers of both species apart.

Bombus lucorum

The sight of the bees – saw another later in the day…

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